Flats, scenery & backstage equip up for grabs.

expires on 5 August 2018 - 4:22pm (2 weeks 2 days)

"We (Wantage Stage Musical Co., Dominoes and the former Stagelights) are vacating our shared storage hut on the field on Grove Airfield, behind Aasvogel, and would like to offer any group in ODN, FOR FREE, any of our stock of flats, stage blocks (12" and 15" high), steps, castors and the other essentials of am dram backstage equipment. We also have quite a collection of 8x4 sheets of 19mm MDF and plywood. We would like to hear from anyone who is interested before the Bank Holiday that's somewhere like May 25, as at that time we aim to either burn or put in the biggest skip we can find everything that is not needed. You don't have to take it away by then - just tell us you're interested.

The flats comprise lots each of 1', 2', 4' and a couple of 5' flats, all 8'11" tall. All the flats have been recanvassed in the last few years, and are remarkably light in comparison with most! We also have quite a collection of gatelegs for supporting flats. There are several high capacity castors.

Anyone interested please contact Chris Osland at chris.osland@gmail.com or 07785 733 138 (phone or text).