Little Shop of Horrors - Bicester C.O.S.

2 June 2022 - 7:30pm - 4 June 2022 - 7:30pm

Little Shop of Horrors is a horror comedy rock musical with music by Alan Menken and lyrics and a book by Howard Ashman. 
Life isn’t easy on Skid Row, but maybe things are going to turn around for florist’s assistant Seymour. He’s discovered a plant unlike any other and people are clamouring to get a look. Perhaps he will finally win the attention and affection of his co-worker, Audrey. But Seymour’s appetite for fame and fortune is overmatched by the appetite of his new plant.
Will the killer potential of Seymour’s new plant bring him everything he has ever wanted, or will the price be too high?
Little Shop of Horrors is a horror comedy rock musical, based on the low-budget 1960 black comedy film of the same name.
The music, in the style of early 1960s rock and roll, doowop and early Motown, includes several well-known tunes, such as "Somewhere That's Green", and "Suddenly, Seymour".

When: 2-4 June 2022 at 7.30pm
Where: Cooper School, Bicester, OX26 4RS
Tickets: 0333 666 3366